Routine Auto Maintenance

Keeping Your Vehicle in Top Condition

At A & F Auto Services, our experienced auto technicians are committed to maintaining the health of your vehicle. Regular maintenance is essential to preserving the longevity of any vehicle, and our trusted auto technicians will provide the services you need to keep your car running smoothly. Our Irving auto repair is not solely focused on solving your automotive issues, but on preventing the deterioration of your vehicle in the first place.

When you schedule maintenance with us we will gladly advise you on often-overlooked aspects of vehicle care. Please consider one, if not all, of the automotive maintenance services available at our shop. Every service we offer will improve the drive and extend the life of your vehicle.

Engine Flush Service

Our expert mechanics recognize the importance of a clean engine. Over time, carbon deposits build up in your engine which prevents it from functioning to its fullest capability. An engine flush not only cleans the engine itself, but allows for the cleanliness of the oil and other fluids that occupy the engine. Allow us to provide your vehicle with this highly recommended service.

Fluid Leak Evaluation

At A & F Auto Services, we recognize the importance of a thorough vehicle diagnostic, especially when it comes to inspecting for hard-to-spot leaks. Leaks are a common automotive issue, and while many vehicles experience minor leaks of fluids like windshield wiper fluid, an undiagnosed oil or transmission fluid leak could compromise the functionality of your vehicle. Trust our Irving auto repair to identify and resolve all leak issues!

Power Steering Flush Service

As you drive your vehicle for long periods of time, wear products from plastic, rubber, and metal accumulates in your power steering fluid, which can significantly decrease your car's ability to turn properly. Power steering flushes are among our top Irving auto services, allowing for maximum control over your vehicle.

Transmission Fluid Exchange

If you commute frequently or haul heavy loads, a periodic transmission fluid exchange will greatly benefit your vehicle. Transmission fluid deteriorates over time due to the build-up of particles and its near-constant exposure to heat. Clean your system with our transmission fluid exchange services!

Our experts mechanics are here to address all of your auto maintenance needs. Contact our friendly staff by calling (972) 253-1688 today!

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